The year 2018 is coming ahead and also bringing various prophecies about search engine optimization. People are coming up with different notions and predictions in the arena of SEO. I am sure you must be thinking about, Why it is so important to talk about the matter at this stage, before the beginning of the year. The answer is already known to many who are expert in the field of digital marketing. For others, the reason for turning up so early with the predictions is just to make aware everyone with the new SEO techniques. So that they can start working on their websites by keeping in mind these forecasting about SEO. It is always good to know them early, in order to avoid the surpassing competition in the future year.

SEO Techniques and Tools for 2018

Here is a list of the techniques of SEO for 2018, which are in the air. If you are a digital marketer, you should have a healthy idea about it.

1.     Keyword Optimization for Voice Search

The tool of voice search is already present for a long time on the search engine. It was inculcated especially for the differently able persons, who were finding it difficult to type. But the use of voice search has been tremendously increased recently. Those who can type on the search bar are also finding it interesting to use voice search. So the new year is going to create a tough competition for SEO people to make their keywords voice search friendly to increase or maintain SERP (search engine result page) rank.

2.     Complete Elimination of Spinned Articles

Google has become a juggernaut of search engines, and in order to maintain its popularity, user’s interests are saved by it, in very comprehensive manner. Everyone has a pretty idea about the search engine friendly content. Plagiarized content is penalized by Google instantly. But many people are cleverly using tools like article spinner which alter the plagiarized content in such a way that Google does not able to detect the plagiarism. Gossips are coming from people that search engine is going to have a check on spinned content from the next year. If it happens then SEO experts have to pay more attention towards the authenticity of content in the coming year. So that it can make a good presence on the search engine.

3.     Flagging of Misleading Posts

In order to promote a particular business, people are dealing with such post which is misdirecting people. For instance, they make a title of their post as “top ten IT companies” and when the reader opens the blog there is only one company they are flattering about in the entire post. So likewise facebook introduced the flagging feature, the search engine is also expected to do the same in the arriving year. It would be a great deal for search engine optimizer to deal with flagging by controlling these misguiding posts.

4.     Guest post Blogging and Illegal Back-link

Links are given to the sources by a blogger to make his content more authentic and relevant to the reader. But nowadays people are misusing these links to increase the traffic to their website. The year 2018 is expected to have a check on these illegal back-links. It is going to be tough to get link and people have started searching new ideas for increasing traffic to their websites.

After going through the above article I am sure you must be feeling contented. So prepare yourself for the upcoming new challenges in the world of digital marketing in 2018.