SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO is set of rules that can be followed by any website to attract quality traffic to your website through organic search engine results. You may have heard like SEO is dead or its importance is going to decrease, and its absolutely wrong. It helps you grow your online business and achieve your target. It helps you rank higher on first page. Here are the reasons how SEO is important for success of your business.

Cost Efficient

SEO is not actually cost, in fact it’s better to call it an investment. An investment that returns in form of great profit! In comparison to other digital marketing tools it creates potential traffic on your website at less price. What’s the use of crowd around your shop when they don’t need any of services provided by you. PPC can generate good traffic, which need not to be effective and charges you high. But with SEO you can generate quality crowd with-in your budget. You can choose SEO services from variable price range, but choosing expensive is always the best choice.

Ensured Visibility

Have you ever thought of buying a shop at place with no or less crowd. The answer will be surely because everyone want to make their business successful. Visibility is the most important factor for the success of every business, whether it is a small business or large business a new business or old one. The same happens with your online website, what’s the use of first ranking when it is on the second page. People will search again and again with different keywords and select the website that appears on top every time. So good ranking on first page make your business visible and that’s why SEO is important for success of your business.

Great Credibility

Whenever we try some new service or buy something new, we go for services recommended by our friends or relatives because we trust them. What if Google recommend something, websites appearing on first page are recommendations of Google for its users. Who will ask an average when topper is available, searcher’s trust Google and will go for websites ranking high on first page. SEO help you build trust with Google and with time your site goes on securing a high rank on first page.

Provides better ROI

The best thing about digital marketing is that we can measure result of our campaign, we can check whether our campaign was successful or not. ROI compares the profit gained by any business with investment. In comparison to other marketing tools search engine optimization provides better ROI.


We do believe that traffic can’t generate money, but what about potential traffic. SEO generates valuable traffic on your website. If 100 people visit your shop than there are chances that at least 10 will buy something, but there will be zero chances of selling something when no one comes to your shop. That’s why you should go for good SEO service for your business.