Digital Marketing V_S Traditional Marketing

Marketing is the most important thing when you start a new business, whether it is a big business or a small one. People who start big businesses can invest in both, but it is tough for small businesses to decide which strategy will be best because their budget doesn’t allows them to invest in both. Who should you trust with your marketing? Should you do it yourself? To get the answer you need to know what digital and traditional marketing actually mean.

Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

The kind of strategy in which a business invests on building a website, advertising the brand name through social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is digital marketing. Traditional marketing is investment on print media. When you advertise your business through printed ads in newspapers and magazines it attracts your local audience. Other traditional marketing tools include TV, radio and flyers that are put in mailbox.

 Benefits and Downsides Of Traditional Marketing

By using traditional methods you can easily target local people like a radio might play in certain city. Hard copies can be read again and again and can be kept to be used whenever needed. Most of the people are familiar with this kind of strategy and can easily understand this. Its major downside include high rates of print and TV, radio advertisements. Also you need someone to distribute your hard copies and the problem here is most of the people don’t like to accept advertising pamphlets. Moreover, you can’t measure the results of your campaign, whether it was successful or not.

Benefits and Shortcomings Of Digital Marketing

With digital marketing you can target large number of local as well as international audience. It allows you to target specific and potential customers. Digital marketing helps you to increase your customer reach and makes your advertisements more accessible. Digital marketing minimize cost, like websites on social media creates more traffic for free. Moreover, its results  can be easily measured, whether your campaign was successful or not. Its shortcomings include negative feedbacks, even a single negative feedback can mislead your customers. It’s of no use for areas with no internet connection or less awareness about internet.

Which One Is Better And How To Use Both Of Them Together

Both are good, in one place we can say digital marketing works quickly but looking on other side, we observe traditional marketing or hard copies are more real to brain. However, using both together can give you best results. You can support your digital marketing efforts with your traditional marketing tools. You can advertise your business through internet and give cards or brochures to the one who investigate personally. You can use printed ads for the places with less internet accessibility. You can advertise your website along with your products for increased customer reach to your online campaign.